Con Brio Choir (Grade 2 - 4)



The Con Brio Choir will sing mainly in unison; then rounds, canons, partner songs, and simple harmony will be added to the repertoire. The main purpose is to learn to sing beautifully and correctly using the best of choral literature from a variety of cultures.  Performance opportunities can help the groups achieve this goal, but it is the learning that goes on in the weekly rehearsals that is most important.  To sing beautifully and correctly, singers learn proper posture, correct breathing to produce a free floated tone and sensitively shaped phrases, good diction and articulation, how to release tension in the body, and how to listen and blend.  Other important objectives for the singers are to learn to focus and concentrate on all aspects of music-making; to work as a caring, well-disciplined team; to start to learn to read music; to become aware of music history, musical styles, and the place of music in various cultures; and to become aware of the power of music as a form of expression.