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Personal fundraising

The Angelica Cantanti Youth Choirs organization participates in a number of fundraisers throughout the choir season. Some of these activities raise money for the Angelica organization and some of these fundraisers are designed to raise money for your individual singers account. Singers are under no pressure or obligation to do personal fundraising. It is simply a way for a singer to reduce out-of-pocket expenses.  If a singer chooses to participate in fund-raising, the money he or she earns is held in escrow in the individual singer’s account.  The following policies apply to individual fund-raising:


•Fundraising orders must be turned in on time and include complete payment.

•Funds from individual accounts may be used to pay for tuition, tours, overnight retreats and other approved choir expenses.  Funds from individual accounts cannot be used for new formal performance attire or for tour spending money.  

•Only funds that are currently in the individual singer’s account may be charged against.  Singers may not charge over that amount on the premise that they have money earned, but not yet credited, or that they will be earning the money in future fund-raising activities.  

•Funds left in an individual fund-raising account when a singer leaves the choir are transferred to the choir’s general fund, unless the singer has requested an account hold.  These funds cannot be paid out in cash to the singer and they cannot be transferred to another singer unless it is a sibling.

•Singers who leave the choir may request to have their funds placed on hold for a maximum of one year by completing an Account Hold Request form.  If the singer has not returned to the choir at the end of that year, the money is transferred to the choir’s general fund.  





Orders are due OCT. 29, 2015





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Orders are due OCT. 29, 2015

Chinook Coupon Books for sale

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Orders Oct. 23, 2015
Delivery Nov. 9, 2015

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