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About Us
The Bloomington Children’s Choir was established in 1980 to provide an advanced choral experience for talented youth and to supplement musical training offered in school music programs.  The choir, rehearsing once a week, began with twenty-five singers aged 7 - 14. At the end of the first year the choir, renamed Angelica Cantanti, had grown to over 50 enthusiastic young singers, rehearsing twice a week. By the mid-1990s Angelica Cantanti consisted of five choirs with over 200 singers ages 7 – 18, whose performances ranged from joyous celebrations in senior residences to participation in festivals around the world.

Today, ACYC continues to offer sequential, high-quality musical instruction to young choral musicians, enabling them to develop self-confidence and achieve excellence in choral performance. The choirs are conducted by local professional musicians who embrace a diverse and challenging repertoire.  The choirs rehearse once a week in Bloomington and perform in a broad spectrum of venues, making programs accessible to a wide range of individuals and communities.

Angelica is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization.

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