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Treble Singers selected to perform at prestigious 2019 ACDA National Conference


The Angelica Cantanti Youth Choirs – Treble Singers, under the direction of Philip Brown will perform at the ACDA (American Choral Directors Association) National Conference, February 27 – March 2, 2019 in Kansas City, MO. The choir auditioned by submitting recordings from the past few years and was selected as one of 27 choirs to perform from over 225 entries. “This is the first time in our 38 year history that an Angelica youth choir ensemble has been invited to perform at this national level. The selection process is highly competitive and we couldn’t be more thrilled for our singers, families and our entire community to represent Minnesota at this prestigious event," said Executive Director, Audrey Riddle.


The America Choral Directors Association is the world’s largest association of choirs made up of conductors, composers, teachers, students and performers from all around the world. Nearly 15,000 members are expected to attend the 60th Anniversary Jubilee celebration of ACDA next year in Kansas City. The Angelica Treble Singers will perform two 25-minute solo concerts in the Helzberg Hall and the Muriel Kauffman Theatre at the beautiful Kaufmann Center for the Performing Arts.


8/25/18 Press Release (pdf)


"Buy a Mile" and help send our singers to Kansas City.
Donations and dedications will be acknowledged in our programs and website.
THANK YOU for supporting our singers!

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Barbary Baldrica (5) In Honor of Erika Rolling
Dennis & Lori Galligan (13) In Honor of Marie Galligan
Ingrid Rojas & Syvio Sampson (10) In Honor of my Grandparents Alvaro, Alicia and Graciela
Kate & Tom Faricy (3) In Memory of John and Mary Galligan and with congratulations to Marie Galligan, their granddaughter, who is part of the Angelica Cantanti Youth Choirs!
Wendy Lowen (1) Dedicated to Josie Hanneken
Becky Moody (2) In Honor of Josie Hannenken
Kevin Galligan (2) In Honor of Marie Galligan
Diana Angelici (5) In Honor of my granddaughter Josie Hannenken
Jannel Trobec (5) In Honor of all of the ACYC singers

The London Family (5) In Honor of Nina London, Con Brio
Stephanie Sunnarborg (1) In Honor of my daughter Julia’s awesome years singing, learning, and loving ACYC!
Stephanie Sunnarborg (1) In Honor of my years on the ACYC board helping to guide this amazing organization.
J.L. Johnson (5) In Honor of all the ACYC singers
Vern & Rita Wigfield (3) With Love to Lucy Avenson
Kim and Robert Birdwell (5) Dedicated to Kiera Birdwell
Ann & Jim Williams (1) With Love to Grace Hammes
Mary Nepsund (1) In Honor of Lucy Avenson, my great niece, a member of the Angelica Treble Singers
Edward & Renee Hammes (1) In Memory of Paige Hammes
Julie Swoboda (1) With Love to Kiera Birdwell
Pat & Tom Galligan (1) In Honor of Marie Galligan
Judith & Thomas Kersten (5) In Honor of our daughter Jennifer Kersten Olson (former choir member)
Grandma & Grandpa Opp (2) With Love to Aubrianna Churchill
Connie Hanneken (3) In Memory of Shirley Majerus and In Honor of Josie Hanneken
Won Yong Kim (5) With Love to Minseo Kim from Jiyoung Kim
Les & Gayle Cain (1) In Appreciation of Alex Doyle
Rebecca & Craig Waller (25) In Honor of ACYC Alumni Singer Sarah Waller
Geoff & Sue Couling (2) In Memory of Paula Couling, Grandmother of Con Brio Singer Lizzie Couling
The Pfeifer Family (5) In Celebration of Libby Heitzmann  
The Rogan Family (2) In Honor of Clare Koll    
Jocelyn Jaimez (1) With Thanks to the Class of 2017
Sandra Gibson (5)
Patricia Wade (1) With Love to Virginia Patricia Ogaard from Grandma Patty
Julie & Kris Stauffer (4) With Love to Laura Stauffer
The Paul Family (1) In Memory of Rose Paul
Jenn & Rob Graff (1) In Memory of Sharon Mazanec
Jeremy & Robin Churchill (1) In Honor of Aubrianna and the rest of the Treble Singers finding joy and unity in music!
Rick & Suzanne Pepin (5) In Celebration of our granddaughter Libby Heitzmann
Rita Docter (5) In Honor of Philip Brown and his wonderful singers!
Grandpa Jeffrey & Grandma Laura (2) With Love to Katriela Caspari
Deb Melchert (2) In Celebration of Sofia Melchert
Julie Brandt (1) In Celebration of Con Brio singer Grace Brandt
Penny Meier (2) In Celebration of Elliana Meier and her 11 years of making music with ACYC!
Bill and Lauri Flatley (1) Dedicated to the Grandparents of Kelly and Lucy Flatley
Audrey Riddle (1) In Honor of all ACYC Parents!
Sarah and Tim Ciavarri (1) In Honor of Ron and DiAnn Jacobson
Holly Miller (2) In Celebration of All the ACYC Singers
Theodore, Kelly, Adeline and Lucy Flatley (3) In Memory of Diane Bernard
Jay & Jennifer Flaten (1) In Celebration of Caroline Flaten and her 9 years singing in ACYC
Agnieszka Leovan (1) In Celebration of Gabi's 4 years with both Angelica's High School Choirs
Jeffrey Hatton (5) In Honor of Sarah Hatton
Jeffrey Hatton (5) In Honor or Katie Hatton
Jennifer Flaten (1) In Memory of Molly Brown and her love and support of husband, Philip Brown and ACYC
Gene Doyle (15) In Honor of Ella Doyle
Tom & Aimee Baxter (2) With Thanks to Angelica Cantanti and Philip Brown
Tom & Janet Freudenstein (1) In Honor of Aunt Carol
Mom and Dad (1) In Celebration of Lucy Avenson
Dan & Deyon Jensen (5) In Celebration of Abigail Jensen
Milly Cooper (5) With Love to Kiera Birdwell
Gram Kathy and Gpa Jeff (1) With Love to Erika Rolling
Babitha Asif (1) Honoring the passion in my child Omera
Gram and Grampa Plante (1) With Love to Keira Zavadsky
Gene & Ruth Doyle (2) With Love to Ella Doyle
Jeffrey & Meg Hatton (15) In Honor of Sarah & Katie Hatton
Rita & David Docter (5) In Honor of the Treble Singers
Mike & Judy Noonan (1) In Honor of Clare Koll
Laura Bryan (5) Dedicated to Sarah Bryan
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